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What is the best baby monitor?

The baby monitor is a system that usually used to monitor the sound and movement of infant babies. When the baby monitor first invented, it was allowed to record the audio sound only instead of any video footage. But with time, technology developed more fantastic features and improvement in baby monitors. Nowadays, baby monitors can allow audio plus video recording ad live monitoring system for parents.

Even it enables the parent to control the baby monitor through their smart mobile phones instead of carrying any additional device like Walkie talkie. In this digital age, baby monitors can also use to monitor the temperature of the infant’s room as well as live monitoring. There are several types of baby monitor with different kinds, and features are available nowadays, that why many parents want to know what the best baby monitors are?

Factors to consider before buying a baby monitor

There are many factors to consider before buying a baby monitor that makes the baby better for you and your baby. In answer to the question, what is the best baby monitors? It can say that a baby monitor that has the following feature is the best baby monitors:

Large screen and audio clarity

An essential baby monitor must have large enough screen to display your baby sleeping positions and audio enough loud to hear the baby voices clearly.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

This feature makes your baby monitor best because it helps the parents to maintain the ideal sleeping conditions for your baby. This baby monitor enables the parents to make changes in the infant’s room like turn on the cooler or air conditioner when it’s hot and turn on the heater when the room temperature is too cold.


A large signal range of the baby monitor around six hundred to nine hundred feet enables the parents to step away as far as possible while still connected with the baby transmitter.

Volume control

This feature makes your baby monitor best because some baby monitors are too loud that create a nuisance while some are also quiet and hard to hear. This feature in your baby monitor enables you to control the proper volume to ideal sound levels.

Night vision

Night vision features of baby monitor enable the parent to monitor their baby while sleeping at night without turn on the baby room light. This feature allows the parents to add more cameras and receivers to monitor more than one baby. In the simple way that what are the best baby monitors?

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List of some baby monitors of 2020.

  • Nanit Plus: It has more features than any other smart baby monitor included sleep tracking and breathing monitoring.
  • Motorola Halo plus over the crib baby monitor: It is a versatile baby monitor that provides the parents with an overhead view of their child.
  • Arlo Baby: It delivers the sharp video, motion, and sound detection that help the parents to keep an eye on their child from their smart mobile phone or PC.Infant Optics DXR-8: In this baby monitor, the optical zoom lens is a stand out feature with many other baby monitor features that add flexibility.
  • Miku Smart Baby Monitor: Miku smart baby monitor enables the parents to keep an eye on their infant babies and helps in monitoring their sleep and breathing patterns.
  • Safety 1st HD Wi-Fi baby monitor with smart Audio Unit: It is a two-piece baby monitor that enables the parents to keep an eye and ear on their child through their smart mobile phones and audio remote devices.
  • Eufy SpaceView baby monitor: It offers a sharp 720p video and mechanical pan that makes it more elegant.
  • Panasonic Long-Range baby monitor: This baby monitor provides sensors in it for motion, temperature, and sound monitoring.
  • Owlet Monitor Duo: It gives the more elegant next-level features like the heart rate and oxygen level to easily track the infant babies.
  • Summer in view 2.0 color video monitor: This baby monitor have great features like a large screen to display, zoom capabilities, and a rechargeable night-light handless monitor.

After reading this article, you can decide What is the best baby monitor?


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