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Use of App-Lock in Smart Phones

App-Lock has a function that lets you hide it so that if a device is being shared, other users won’t know that App-Lock is being used to prevent access to certain apps or folders. Once it’s been hidden, the app can be opened in one of two ways without appearing in the app menu:

How to open app-lock?

From the device’s number pad: there is a way of opening the app from the dialing pad. Just enter code ##12345##, and the app will open straightaway. Hope that none of the other users of the device enters it to see if the app is installed.

From the browser: you can also open the app from the browser, whether that’s Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser on your smartphone or tablet. type in the maURL http://www.domobile.com/applock/. You will see a hyperlink that you click on to open the app.

As we said, this function is employed to cover the app from the app menu so that if you apply it to dam access to the photo gallery, message chats, or any other folder or content on the device, you won’t be asked to explain why you’ve done it.

Remember that to access these functions; you need to go to Protect in the app’s main menu. There you can select Magic, and from Magic, you can select Hide App-Lock. All you’ve got to try to do is flick the switch. If you want to deactivate Hide App-Lock, go back through the menus to it and flick the switch the other way – now it’s disabled.

How to Hide/Unhide App-Lock Icon from Home Screen

How to Hide - Unhide App-Lock Icon from Home Screen

Although the App-Lock comes with full proof security, there is still a small loophole to bypass the restrictions. If anybody can uninstall the App-Lock application using the phone’s settings or Google Play Store app, all the security restrictions will get abandoned automatically.

Here, no App-Lock in the smartphone means no security restriction for any application. To fill that loophole to protect App-Lock, Do activate the “Install/Uninstall” and “Google Play Store” option under the Advanced settings of the App-Lock app.

Despite all these security options, there is always a door in the floor for the advanced users to break any security. Luckily, the number of advanced users is very low, and you still have the option to deny sharing of your Smart Phone with them. While sharing the Smart-Phone with ordinary users, you only have to concentrate on a few methods to prevent unauthorized un-installation / removal of the App-Lock app. You can use TecoBuyPromo Code for the promotion codes of smart phones.

How to HIDE App-Lock Icon from the Home Screen

Important: Before Hide App-Lock icon from the home screen, Please check & update your App-Lock app to the latest version as the latest version of the App-Lock is more secure with many new security features. You can also make this a habit to regularly checking and installing the safety updates of all the appliances, remember security & privacy matters tons nowadays. Below are the steps to hide the App-Lock icon from the home & app drawer screen.

1)- launch the App-Lock app and provide the credentials if needed.
2)- By default, it’ll open the PRIVACY tab, switch to the PROTECT tab.
3)- Under the PROTECT tab, expand the Magic menu and click on / tap to the “Hide App-Lock” option.
4)- Now, read the “how-to unhide App-Lock icon” instructions carefully and activate the “Hide App-Lock” turn on

That’s it, and You have successfully Removed / Hide the App-Lock icon from the Home Screen and App Drawer. Just check the home and app drawer screen for the confirmation. You will find nothing there.

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